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Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 1/10

Below you will find the Sunday coupon insert preview for Sunday 1/3.  We are projecting to receive 1 coupon insert which is 1  Smart Source.Please keep in mind that this may change as these are very early reports. Please remember that coupon inserts can AND do vary by zip code. What you receive may not be what you see in this preview. We have already listed pre-orders for these coupon inserts on Insert Insanity where you can order whole inserts and have them delivered right to your door! 

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SS 1/10

Act $1/1 product (ets) (2/6)

Act $1/1kids product (ets) (2/6)

Aquaphor $3/1 body product (1.75oz or larger) or Aquaphor baby product (ets) (1/23)

Aquaphor $3/1ointment body spray product (excludes any other aquaphor products and trial) (1/23)

Aquaphor $1/1 lip product or Aquaphor body product (3oz or smaller) (ets) (1/23)

Aspercreme $2/1 product (ets) (1/23)

Aspercreme $5/2 product (ets) (1/23)

Belvita $1/2 biscuits (any variety 8.8oz or larger)  (2/20)

Bic $4/1 Soleil, Bic Flex, or Bic Comfort 3 Hybrid disposable razor pack (ets) (1/16)

Bic $2/2 stationary products ( 1/30)

Breathe Right $1.75/1 product (3/10)

Breathe Right $4/2 products (3/10)

Capzasin $2/1 product (1/23)

Celestial Seasonings $1/2 Tea (4/10)

Celestial Seasonings $.50/1  Tea (4/10)

Cetaphil $6/2 products (excludes 4oz or less- daily facial cleanser, gentle skin cleanser, moisturizing lotion or moisturizing cream, single bars and cetaphil baby) (1/31)

Cetahil $4/2 Deep hydration, sheer hydration or soothing gel cream product (excludes soothing gel cream 3oz) (2/6)

Cetpahil $2/1  product excludes 4oz or less- daily facial cleanser, gentle skin cleanser, moisturizing lotion or moisturizing cream, single bars) (2/6)

Cetaphil $2/1 Sheer Mineral product (2/6)

Cortizone $1.25/1 10 product (ets) (2/6)

Dulcolax $3/1product (excluding 10ct or smaller stimulant and stool softener) (2/6)

Eating Well $1/1 frozen entrée or noodle bowl, any variety (3/31)

Gold Bond $1/1 medicated powder, foot care or first aid product (ets) (2/6)

Hydroxycut $5/1 products valued at $17.88 and over (excludes drops, bars and shakes) (5/1)

Icy Hot $2/1 product (ets) (1/23)

Icy Hot $5/2 product (ets) (1/23)

Mueller’s $.55/2 Pasta (2/24)

Mueller’s .55/2 Pasta (2/24)

Nabisco $.75/2 cookie or cracker products (3.5oz or larger any variety) (2/20)

Nivea $3/2  Body Wash Products or Nivea Men Body Wash products  (ets) (2/6)

Nivea $1/1 body wash or nivea men body wash product (ets) (2/6)

Oui $1/4 any variety by Yoplait French-style yogurt (excludes Oui by Yoplait Oatmeal and Yogurt)  (3/6)

Picsweet $.75/1 package of picsweet farms frozen vegetables (2/28)

Quaker $1/2 old fashioned , quick or instant oats, or quaker oatmeal squares cereals (excluding cups) (2/21)

Rolaids $2/1 bottle or 28ct softchews (excluding trial and travel) (2/6)

Russell Stover $1/2 sugar free candies 2.4oz or larger (2/14) DND

Russell  Stover $2/1 sugar free candies 9oz or larger (2/14) DND

Scotties $.75/2  Single boxes of Scotties facial tissue in one transaction ( 2/6)

Selsun Blue $1.50/1 product (ets) (4/24)

Unisom $2/1product (ets) (1/23)

Vitafusion  $.50/1 of Lil Critters Gummy Vitamins (2/7)

Vitafusion $1/1 apple cider vinegar vitamins (2/7)

Yoplait $1/10 variety yogurt (includes original, light, whips, lactose free, fruitslide, greek , YQ by Yoplait or just 3 by Yoplait ) (3/6)

Yoplait $1.50/2 any variety multipack (includes 8-pack fridge pack, beverage, go-gurt, go-gurt dunkers, kids cup yogurt 8ct, trix yogurt 8ct or Oui by Yoplait 2ct or 4ct) (3/6)

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