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Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 11/12

Below you will find the Sunday coupon insert preview for Sunday 11/12 We are projecting to receive (2) coupon inserts on 11/12: (1) Smartsource and (1) Red Plum. Please remember that coupon inserts can AND do vary by zip code. What you receive may not be what you see in this preview. We have already listed pre-orders for these coupon inserts on Insert Insanity where you can order whole inserts and have them delivered right to your door! Just need some extras of a few coupons? We will also be listing 10 count lots of individually clipped coupons on Wiz Clipz shortly.

In no way should this national preview list be construed as a recap of the Insert Insanity coupon inserts. It is a best guess ONLY and applies to the entire country. THIS IS THE EXACT LIST FOR OUR EARLY SHIP INSERTS, BUT DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY OTHER PACK ON THE SITE.

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Smartsource 11/12

Aleve $3/1 direct therapy refill gel pads (12/12)
Alka-Seltzer $1/1 product 12ct+ (12/9)
Alka-Seltzer Plus $1.50/1 sore throat relief product (12/10)
Alka-Seltzer Plus $1/1 product (12/10)
Alka-Seltzer Plus $2/1 product (11/26)
Bayer $1/1 aspirin product 50ct+ (12/10)
Bayer $2/1 aspirin product 200ct+ (11/26)
Betty Crocker $.50/2 potatoes except buds (1/6)
Blink $3/1 lid wipes or omega-3 fish oil supplement (12/18)
Blink $3/1 tears, tears preservative free, geltears, -n-clean or contacts (12/18)
Blink/Complete $3/1 blink revitalens 10oz or complete 12oz (12/18)
Blink/Complete $5/1 blink revitalens 20oz or complete 24oz (12/18)
Blue Diamond $1/1 nut-thins crackers (1/14)
Brut $1/1 fragrance, antiperspirant/deodorant or twin pack excluding revolution 2.25oz (12/10)
Claritin $4/1 30ct+ (12/10)
Claritin $9/1 70ct+ (11/19)
Claritin-D $4/1 15ct+ (12/10)
Claritin-D $6/1 15ct+ (11/19)
Coricidin $2/1 HBP product (12/10)
Cottonelle $.50/1 flushable cleansing cloths 42ct+ (12/23)
Cottonelle $.50/1 toilet paper 6+ rolls (12/23)
Don Francisco’s Coffee $1.50/1 family reserve cold brew (12/24)
Don Francisco’s Coffee $1/1 family reserve 10oz or 12oz bag or 1 12ct or 18ct single serve box (12/24)
Edwards $.75/1 pie 22.4oz+ dnd (12/23)
Energizer $1.25/1 batteries or flashlight (12/2)
Energizer $1/1 hearing aid batteries (12/2)
FDgard $3/1 product (5/12)
Fiber One $.50/2 products (1/6)
Finlandia $1/1 pre-packaged product dnd (1/15)
Florida Crystals $1/1 raw cane, organic or demerara sugar product (1/30)
General Mills $.50/2 3.7oz+ chex mix regular, muddy buddies or popped, bugles corn snacks or gardetto’s snack mix (1/6)
General Mills $1/3 cereals (12/23)
Glade $1.50/1 plugins car starter (12/25)
Glade $1/1 atmosphere collection product (12/25)
Glade $1/1 plugins scented oil two pack refill (12/25)
Glade $1/2 large automatic spray refills or 3.4oz candles (12/25)
Hidden Valley $.50/1 ranch dry dip or canister (1/14)
IBgard $3/1 product (5/12)
Infusium $2/1 13.5oz shampoo or conditioner or 13.5oz leave in treatment (12/10)
King Arthur $1/1 flour bag 5lb dnd (12/31)
Kleenex $.50/1 hand towels (12/23)
Kleenex $.50/3 50ct+ boxes or 1 bundle pack ets (12/23)
Kotex U $1/1 fitness product excluding liners 14-22ct and trial (12/9)
Kotex U $1/1 pads or liners excluding liners 14-22ct and trial (12/9)
Kotex U $1/1 tampons or security tampons ets (12/9)
Nutella $2/1 jar 13oz+ or mini cups 10ct package (1/5)
One A Day $4/1 50+ product (11/26)
One A Day $4/1 regular or kids excluding 60ct (11/26)
Pert $1/1 13.5oz+ product (12/10)
Pert $2/1 25.4oz+ product (12/10)
Progresso $.50/2 products excluding organic and pasta bowls (1/6)
Progresso $1/1 organic soup can (1/6)
Red Star $.75/2 yeast 3-strip packages or 1 4oz jar dnd (6/30)
Snack Factory $1/1 pretzel crisps 5oz+ (1/31)
Sunsweet $1/1 dried fruit product dnd (1/31)
Sure $1/1 2.6oz, 2.7oz. twin pack or 6oz deodorant (12/10)
Torani $1/1 flavor (12/31)
Torani $2.50/2 flavors (12/31)
Viva $.50/1 regular or vantage paper towels 6pk+ (12/24)
White Castle $1/1 16ct+ microwaveable sliders package (1/15)
White Castle $1/2 4-6ct microwaveable sliders packages (1/15)
Wonderful $.50/1 halos 2lbs+ (12/12)


Red Plum 11/12

AXE $1.50/1 antiperspirant/deodorant stick or body spray product ets (12/10)
AXE $2/1 dry spray antiperspirant ets (12/10)
Best Foods $.50/1 mayonnaise jar 30oz, squeeze 20oz, organic 15-24oz or vegan 24oz product (11/26)
Clairol $3/1 age defy, vidal sassoon or natural instincts crema keratina hair color ets (11/25)
Country Crock $1/1 buttery spread 30oz or 45oz (11/26)
Dove $1.50/1 advanced care, dry spray or clinical protection antiperspirant deodorant excluding m+c, multipacks and trial (12/3)
Dove Men+Care $.75/1 antiperspirant or deodorant product excluding twin packs and trial (12/9)
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! $.50/2 products (12/10)
Jimmy Dean $.55/1 breakfast product excluding single serve sandwiches (12/12)
Jimmy Dean $1/2 refrigerated products (12/12)
Krud Kutter $1.50/1 item 12oz+ (12/24)
Krud Kutter $4/2 items 12oz+ (12/24)
Lipton $.40/1 tea bags, k-cup liquid or powdered iced tea mix product (12/9)
Lipton $.60/2 recipe secrets products (12/10)
Nexium 24HR $2/1 product (1/7)
Nexium 24HR $7/2 42ct product (11/19)
Nexxus $3/1 product excluding sachets, 5.1oz shampoos and conditioners and trial (11/26)
POND’S $1.50/1 towelette, cold cream cleanser or moisturizer excluding 1.75oz jars and 5ct towelettes (11/26)
Rayovac $1/1 hearing aid battery pack (1/31)
Rayovac $1/1 multi and value packs aa/aaa, c/d-4, 9v-2 or larger (1/31)
Sara Lee $.55/1 frozen product (1/1)
Simple $2/1 skin care product ets (11/26)
Sparkle $1/1 paper towel 6+ rolls (12/12)
St. Ives $1/1 face care products ets (11/26)
St. Ives $2/2 face care or body lotion products ets (11/26)
Suave $.50/1 invisible solid stick 2.6oz or clinical protection 1.7oz (11/25)
Suave $.75/1 body wash (11/26)
Suave $.75/1 lotion ets (11/25)
Suave Kids $.50/1 hair care product ets (11/26)
Suave Men $.75/1 hair care product ets (11/26)
Suave Professionals $.50/1 styling product excluding luxe styling, trial and twin packs (11/26)
Suave Professionals $1/2 gold hair care products excluding luxe styling, trial and twin packs (11/26)
Suave Professionals $1/2 shampoos or conditioners 28oz, dry shampoos or treatment products excluding luxe styling, trial and twin packs (11/26)
TREsemme $3/2 shampoo or conditioner products ets (11/26)
Vaseline $1/1 lotion 20oz+ product excluding sprays, serums and trial (11/26)

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  • still trying to get a answer on nov 5 red plum if I order from you for 1.00 noticed the estroven vitamin in the picture will I get that coupon as well or no

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