We have been experiencing shipping delays for both incoming and outgoing shipments due to COVID-19. Please understand that this is out of our control. We cannot continuously answer emails about why it's taking so long for your inserts to arrive because we simply can't answer that question. Once we drop them off, they are out of our hands.

Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 2/18

There are no coupon inserts on 2/18.  This week was wild.  We were expecting one insert, then we were told we were getting 2, then we were told 1 and then we were finally told there will be no inserts last night.  Because we had to run billing in the period of uncertainty, autobillers were charged this week.  It is our practice to NOT charge people on weeks with no inserts.   As a result, we have suspended billing for 2/25 and will be applying the payments we have already collected toward those inserts.  To clarify, you WILL NOT be billed next week.  While it's disappointing that we won't be getting them this week, we can all be excited they will be coming back with a bang on a 3 insert week on the 25th.  If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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