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Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 8/2

Below you will find the Sunday coupon insert preview for Sunday 8/2. We are projecting to receive 4 coupon inserts on 8/2 1 SS and 3 RMN.  Please keep in mind that this may change as these are very early reports. Please remember that coupon inserts can AND do vary by zip code. What you receive may not be what you see in this preview. We have already listed pre-orders for these coupon inserts on Insert Insanity where you can order whole inserts and have them delivered right to your door! 

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In no way should this national preview list be construed as a recap of the Insert Insanity coupon inserts. It is a best guess ONLY and applies to the entire country. 

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SS  8/2

Air Wick $3/1 Essential Mist Starter Kit (8/30)

Air Wick $1.50/1 Scented Oil Warmer or Scented Oil Starter Kit (8/30)

Arm & Hammer $1/1 spinbrush battery-powered toothbrush or refill (8/29)

Arm & Hammer $1/1  liquid detergent  (9/1)

Bic $3/1 Soleil, Bic flex or comfort 3 Hybrid disposable razor pack (excludes trial and travel) (8/15)

Citracal $4/1 product 70ct or larger (excludes 100ct petites ) (8/16)

Claritin $10/1 Non- drowsy or Children’s Claritin 60ct or larger (excludes Claritin- d) (8/9)

Claritin $6/1  Non- Drowsy Chewables 24t (8/9)

Claritin $4/1 Non-Drowsy or Children’s 24ct or larger (excludes Claritin d) (8/30)

Colgate $.50/1  cannot read item description

DenTek $1/1 Floss picks $1.74 or higher (9/13)

DenTek $4/1  Dental Guard (9/13)

DenTek $2/2  products $2.49 or higher (9/13)

Duracell $2/1 Optimum pack (8/29)

Efferdent $2/1 90ct and up (9/13)

Ensure $3/1 multipack  (9/13)

FLinstones $3/1 or One A Day kids multivitamin product (8/16)

Glucerna $3/1 product of your choice (9/13)

MagniLife $2/1 DB Pain Relieving Foot Cream or (1) MagniLife Relaxing leg cream (9/21)

MagniLife $3/1 Leg & Back Pain Relief, MagniLife Pain & Fatigue Relief or any MagniLife Pain Relief Tablets (9/21)

Ocean Spray $1/2 60 or 64 oz juice or juice blends (9/1)

One A Day $4/1 multivitamin product 65ct or larger or any One A Day prenatal product (8/16)

One A Day $4/1 Flinstones fruit bites multivitamin product (8/16)

Phazyme $2/1 product (9/12)

Quaker $1/2 chewy granola bars (9/13)

Quaker $1/2  boxes of Life, Cap N’ Crunch or Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal (9/13)

Sargento $.75/1 Snack bites cheese snack (10/2)

Sargento $.75/1 String or stick cheese snack (10/2)

Softsoap $.75/1 brand body wash or any Irish Spring body wash (excluding trial size) (8/15)

Tagamet $2/1 HB 200 30ct or higher (9/12)

Tena $5/2 products (8/16)

Yoplait $1/10 any variety yogurt (includes original, light, whips!, lactose free, fruitside, greek, YQ by Yoplait, OR Just 3 by Yoplait) (9/26)

Yoplait $1.50/2 any variety yogurt multipack (includes 8-pack fridge pack, beverage, go-gurt, go-gurt dunkers, kids cup yogurt 8ct, trix yogurt 8ct, or Oui by Yoplait 2ct or 4ct) (9/26)

Yoplait $1/4 any variety Oui French style yogurt (9/26)


RMN #1

Axe $3/2 products (excludes hair styling products, twin packs and trial/travel) (8/15)

Degree $.50/1 Men original protection antiperspirant deodorant product (ets) (8/15)

Degree $1/1  men motionsense antiperspirant, deodorant wipes, dry spray antiperspirant or clinical protection deodorant product (ets) (8/15)

Degree $1/1  Women motionsense or ultraclear antiperspirant deodorant (Ets) (8/15)

Degree $1.25/1 women deodorant wipes, dry spray antiperspirant or clinical protection product (Ets) (8/15)

Dove $1.25/1 Advanced care, even tone, clinical, zero stick deodorant or deodorant wipes product (ets) (8/15)

Dove $4/2 or Dove Men+ Care, Axe, Degree or Degree Men Dry Spray Antiperspirant products (Ets) (8/15)

Dove Beauty Bar  Buy any 2 Dove Beauty Bar (4ct or larger) or Dove Body Wash (13.5oz or larger) products and Save $2.00 one any 1 Dove Body Polish product (ets) (8/15)

Dove $3/2 hair care products (excludes dove men+care, trial/travel) (8/15)

Dove $2/1  amplified textures hair care product (valid only on dove amplified products) (8/15)

Magnum $1/1 ice cream tub (8/15)

SheaMoisture $5/2 products (excludes single use packets, .5oz sheet masks and trial/travel) (8/15)

SheaMoisture $5/2 Face care products (excludes single use packets, .5oz sheet masks and trial/travel) (8/15)

St.Ives $3/2 or Simple, Noxzema or Pond’s face care products (excludes trial and travel) (8/15)


Suave Professionals  Buy and ONE Suave Professionals for natural hair product, get any one Suave Professionals for Natural Hair product FREE (max value $5.99) (8/15)

Suave Men $1.50/1 hair care product (ets) (8/15)

Suave $1/2 Body wash products (Ets) (8/15)

Suave $1/1 lotion product (excludes 3oz) (8/15)

Suave $.50/1 deodorant product (excludes 1.4oz and twin packs) (8/15)

Suave Kids $1.50/1 hair care products (excludes twin packs and trial.travel) (8/15)

Suave $2/1 Professionals for Natural Hair product (8/15)

Suave $3/2 Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner products (excludes twin packs and trial and travel) (8/15)

Suave $1/1 professionals’ shampoo or conditioner product (excludes twin packs and trial and travel) (8/15)

TRESemme $5/2 shampoo or conditioner products (ets) (8/15)

TRESemme $2/1 styling product (ets) (8/15)

Vaseline $2/1 lotion (6.8oz or larger) (ets) (8/15)


RMN #2

Advil $3/1 72ct or larger (8/9)

Advil $3/1 PM 40ct or larger (8/9)

Advil $1/1 18ct or larger OR Advil PM 20ct or larger (8/29)

Aussie $2/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products (excludes masks, trial/travel) (8/15)

Centrum $4/1 or Centrum Silver (50ct or larger or Centrum Multi + probiotics, 30ct, excludes trial/travel) (8/16)

Centrum $2/1 multigummies (50ct or larger) (ets) (8/16)

Coasmin $10/1 DS or Cosamin ASU (10/4)

Excedrin $1.50/1 20ct or larger (10/4)

Febreze $2/1 unstopables, heavy duty, forest, ocean or wood (excludes in-wash scent booster and trial/travel) (8/29)

Febreze $1/1 product (excludes febreeze unstopables, heavy duty, ocean, forest or wood scents and trial/travel) (8/15)

Herbal Essences $2/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products (excludes bio:renew, colo, body wash and travel/trial) (8/15)

Jimmy Dean $.75/1 Breakfast product (8/30)

Jimmy Dean $.55/1 frozen breakfast product (8/30)


RMN #3

Ester-C $3/1 product (90ct+) (8/30)

Nature’s Bounty $1/1 vitamin or supplement (8/30)

Nature’s Bounty $3/1 stress comfort gummy or sleep (excluding 15ct) (8/30)

Nature’s Bounty $2/1 optimal solutions vitamin or supplement (8/30)

Nestle $1/1 Pure Life fruity water pack (10/1)

Nestle $1/1  pure life purified water 8oz, 12-pack or higher (10/1)

Osteo $5/1 Bi-Flex tablets (70ct+) (8/30)

Pure Protein $4/1 Shake 4pack or 12ct, or powder 1.4lb or larger (8/30)

Pure Protein $2/1 multipack bars or any four (4) single bars (8/30)

Purina Buy 1 3lb-4.5lb bag of Purina baneful dry dog food, get 1 3lb-4.5lb bag of purina baneful dry dog food FREE (up to $6.29), any variety (8/30)

Sundown $2/1 product (includes sundown organics) (8/30)

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