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Sunday Coupon Insert Preview January 17th

Below you will find the Sunday coupon insert preview for Sunday 1/17.  We are projecting to receive 2 coupon inserts which is 1 Smart Source and 1 RMN. .Please keep in mind that this may change as these are very early reports. Please remember that coupon inserts can AND do vary by zip code. What you receive may not be what you see in this preview. We have already listed pre-orders for these coupon inserts on Insert Insanity where you can order whole inserts and have them delivered right to your door! 

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RMN 1/17

Gain $3/1 flings 37ct or larger or gain ultra flings 21ct or larger or gain fireworks in-wash scent boosters 20.1 oz or larger (excludes Gain liquid/powder laundry detergent, gain essential oils laundry detergent, gain liquid fabric softener, gain sheets and trial.travel) (2/13)

Gain $2/1 flings 24-35 ct or gain ultra flings 18ct or gain liquid laundry detergent 45ld or larger or gain essential oils laundry detergent 42oz or larger or gain liquid fabric softener 105ld or larger or gain fireworks in wash scent boosters 10-14.8oz or gain sheets 200ct or larger (Ets) (2/13)

Gain $1/1 flings 12-20ct or gain liquid laundry detergent 25-32 ld or gain essential oils laundry detergent 16oz or gain liquid fabric softener  48-60ld or gain fireworks in wash scent boosters 5.7-7.2oz or gain sheets 105-160 ct or gain powder laundry detergent (excludes gain ultra flings, gain flings 9ct and below and trial.travel) (2/13)

Mrs. T’s $1/2 Pierogies (2/20)

Purina $2/1 3lb or larger Bella dry dog food (2/17)

Purina $3/1 12ct package of Bella wet dog food (2/17)

SheaMoisture $6/2 products (excludes bar soap, lip balm, single-use packettes and trial.travel) (1/30)

Sudafed $1/1 children’s product (2/13)

SuperPretzel $1/1 soft pretzel product (2/21)

Tide $1/1 simply laundry detergent 50 oz or larger ot tide simply PODS laundry detergent 20ct or larger (excludes tide detergent, tide pods and trial.travel) (2/13)

Tide $.50/1 simply laundry detergent 34oz or smaller or Tide simply pods laundry deterrent 13ct or downy liquid fabric conditioner 40ld or bounce/downy sheets 40-60ct or downy unstopables in wash scent boosters 4.3oz (excludes downy libre enjuague, bounce.downy wrinkleguard, bounce pet hair and lint guard, gain fireworks, tide detergent, tide pods and trial/travel) (2/13)


SS 1/17

2000 Flushes $.50/1 automatic toilet bowl cleaner (4/18)

Acuvue $5/1 revitalens contact lens solution (10oz)

Acuvue $7/1 revitalens contact lens solution (20 oz)

Alka-Seltzer #2/1 plus powerfast fizz effervescent tablets (excluding sparkling original 20ct) or Alka Seltzer Plus Power Max Gels product( 2/14)

Alka- Seltzer $1/1 plus product 10ct or larger (2/14)

Blink $3/1 contacts or blink n- clean drops (3/3)

Blink $3/1 tears or blink gel tears lubricating eye drops (3/3)

Colgate $.50/1 toothpaste  3.0 oz or larger (excludes 2.5oz bonus, trial/travel) (1/30)

Colgate $.50/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush (excluding colgate plus, colgate extra clean or colgate classic clean) (2/6)

Florastor $6/1  product (1/31)

Florastor $4/1 product (1/31)

Frigo $1/2 cheese heads products (2/28)

Good $1/1 culture 16oz sour cream tub (2/28)

Irish Spring $.75/1 or soft-soap brand body wash (18.0 oz or larger) (1/30)

Lady Speech stick $.50/1 antiperspirant/deodorant (2.3 oz or larger) (2/6)

Palmolive $.50/1 ultra dish liquid (18.0 oz or larger) (1/30)

Russell Stover  Buy 4 eggs or hearts (1-2oz) get one free (2/1)

Simply $1/1 or organic good culture 16oz cottage cheese tub (2/28)

Simply $1/2 or organic good culture 5-5.3 oz cottage cheese cups (2/28)

Speed Stick $.50/1 men’s antiperspirant/deodorant *2.7oz or larger) (2/6)

Spot Shot $1/1 instant carpet stain remover (4/18)

Texas Pete $1/2  12oz or larger (3/10)

Wet n Wild $1/1 purchase of $1.96 or more (1/31)

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