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Sunday Coupon Insert Preview September 13

Below you will find the Sunday coupon insert preview for Sunday 9/13. We are projecting to receive 3  coupon inserts, 2 SS and 1 RMN. Please keep in mind that this may change as these are very early reports. Please remember that coupon inserts can AND do vary by zip code. What you receive may not be what you see in this preview. We have already listed pre-orders for these coupon inserts on Insert Insanity where you can order whole inserts and have them delivered right to your door! 

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In no way should this national preview list be construed as a recap of the Insert Insanity coupon inserts. It is a best guess ONLY and applies to the entire country. 

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SS  9/13

Afrin $2/1 product  (10/11)

Aleve $4/1 or Aleve PM product 40ct or larger (9/20)

Alka- Seltzer $2/1 Plus Power-Max Gels product 10ct or larger or Alka-Seltzer Plus PowerFast Fizz 10ct or larger

Alka Seltzer $1/1 Plus product 10ct or larger (10/11)

Bayer $2/1 Aspirin product 200 count or larger (9/27)

Bayer $1/1  aspirin product 50ct or larger (9/27)

Blue $5/1 dry dog or cat food (5lbs or larger) (10/31)

Blue $1/2  wet dog or cat food (10/31)

Blue $1/1  bag of dog or cat treats (10/31)

Citracal $4/1 product 70ct or larger (excludes 100ct petites) (9/20)

Clairol $5/2  Nice’n Easy, root touch-up permanent or natural instincts hair color (excludes natural instincts crema keratina hair color) (9/26)

Clairol $2/1 Nice’n Easy, root touch-up permanent or natural instincts hair color (excludes natural instincts crema keratina hair color) (9/26)

Clairol $2/1 temporary root touch-up color blending gel (9/26)

Claritin $10/1 non-drowsy or children’s Claritin 60ct or larger (excludes Claritin-d) (9/20)

Claritin $6/1  non-drowsy Claritin or children’s Claritin 24count or larger (excludes Claritin-d)(9/20)

Claritin $4/1 non-drowsy Claritin or children’s Claritin 24ct or larger (excludes Claritin-d) (10/11)

Claritin $4/1 non-drowsy childrens Claritin chewables (20ct or larger) or Reditabs for juniors 20ct or larger (excludes Claritin-d) (10/11)

Colgate $.50/1 toothpaste 3.0 oz or larger (excludes 2.8oz and 2.8oz bonus, trial/travel) (9/26)

Colgate $.50/1  adult or kids manual toothbrush (excluding colgate plus, colgate extra clean, or colgate classic clean) (9/26)

Colgate $.50/1 Mouthwash or Mouth Rinse (200 ML or larger) (9/26)

Covergirl $3/1 face product (excludes cheekers, accessories and travel.trial)

Covergirl $3/1 eye product (excludes 1-kit shadows, accessories and travel/trial)

Covergirl $2/1 lip product (excludes continuous color lipstick, accessories and travel/trial)

Del Monte $1/2 fruit cup snacks 4-pack, any flavor (11/13)

Del Monte $.75/1  Fruit and Oats, Fruit and Chia or fruit Refreshers  2-pack, any flavor (11/13)

Fiber One $1/2 any flavor/variety or protein one snack product (11/7)

Flinstones $3/1 or One-A-Day kids multivitamin product (9/20)

General Mills $1/1 ceral listed: Cinnamon cheerios, lucky charms honey clovers, cocoa puffs brownie crunch, minions vanilla vibe cereal (10/24)

Liquid Collagen $2/1 product (12/11)

One-A-Day $4/1 multivitamin product 65ct or larger or any One a day prenatal product (9/20)

One A Day $4/1 or flinstones fuit bites multivitamin product (9/20)

Palmer’s $1/1 hemp oil product (ets) (11/30)

Palmer’s $1/1 product (excludes trial sizes, swivel stick, protein pack and lip balms) (11/30)

Palmer’s $1/1 hair care product ( excludes trial size and protein packs) (11/30)

Phillips $1/1 product (10/11)

Phillips $8/1 probiotic product (9/20)

Pillsbury $1/3 refrigerated baked goods product (11/7)

Replens $3/1 product

Sargento $.75/1 balanced breaks snack (11/8)

Sargento $.75/1 snack bites cheese snack (11/15)

Sargento $.75/1 stick or string natural cheese (11/15)

Trubiotics $5/1 product (10/11)

Werther’s Original $1/2 sugar products


SS 9/13

Acuvue $5/1 revitalens contact lens solution (10oz or 20 oz) (10/19)

Allegra $10/1 allergy 24HR 70ct tablets or 60ct gelcaps (9/19)

Allegra $5/1 allergy 24HRT 24ct or larger, Allegra-D or children’s allegra allergy 8oz or 24ct (10/3)

Allegra $3/1 children’s or allegra allergy 12hr product (10/3)

Allerlife $5/1 product (10/3)

Allerlife $3/1 20ct product (10/3)

Atkins $1/1  5pk bar, 5pk treat pr 4pk shake (12/15)

Blink $3/1 contacts or blink-n-clean drops (10/19)

Blink Tears $3/1 or Blink Gel Tears lubricating eye drops (10/19)

Dulcolax $3/1 product (excluding 10cr or smaller and stool softener) (10/10)

Huggies $3/2 packages of diapers (not valid on 9ct or less) (10/10)

Mitchum $1/1 antiperspirant and deodorant (excluding trial size and twin packs) (9/26)

Nasacort $8/1 240 spray (9/26)

Nasacort $3/1 120 spray (10/3)

Neutrogena $1/1 makeup remover cleansing towelettes (excludes trial, travel, masks) (10/11)

Neutrogena $3/1 rapid wrinkle repair product (excludes trial and travel) (10/11)

Pull-Ups $2/1 New Leaf Training Underwear (not valid on 6ct or less) (10/10)

Revlon $4/1 face cosmetic (9/26)

Revlon $4/1 face foundation (9/26)

Revlon $3/1 eye cosmetic (9/26)

Revlon $3/1 eyeliner (9/26)

Revlon $1/1 eye tool (9/26)

Rice-A-Roni $1/4 or Pasta Roni (10/25)

Rolaids $2/1 bottle (36ct or 28ct advanced) (10/10)

Selsun Blue $1.50/1 product (ets) (11/12)

Skintimate $3/1 or schick disposable razor pack or schick Xtreme5 or Schick hydro silk3 razor or refill (excludes Schick xtreme3 1ct, schick xtreme2 and skintimate 2 and 6 ct disposables) (10/3)

U by Kotex $1/1 pads or liners (not valid on liners 14-22 count or pads and liners trial size/travel packs) (10/10)

U by Kotex $1/1 tampons (not valid on trial size/travel packs) (10/10)

Visine $1/1 product (9/19)

Vivarin $2/1 tablets 40counts (12/31)

Vivarin $.50/1 16-counts (12/31)

Wonderful Pistachios $1/1 product 11oz or larger (12/13)

Wonderful Pistachios $.50/1product 4oz-8oz (12/13)

Xyzal $8/1 35ct or 80ct product (10/3)

Xyzal $4/1 10ct or children’s product (10/3)


RMN 9/13

Amberen $7/1 menopause product (10/26)

Fancy Feast $2/12 1.1 oz trays of appetizers  (11/13)

Flonase $8/1 brand product 120ct or larger (9/20)

Flonase $4/1 or childrens Flonase brand product 60ct or larger (10/11)

Gillette $3/1 blade refill 4ct or larger (10/10)

Purina $2/1 4.9 oz or larger pouch of Dentalife dog trears (12/13)

Target  FREE $5 gift card with Purina Pet Food, treats and /or litter purchase of $25 or more



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