We have been experiencing shipping delays for both incoming and outgoing shipments due to COVID-19. Please understand that this is out of our control. We cannot continuously answer emails about why it's taking so long for your inserts to arrive because we simply can't answer that question. Once we drop them off, they are out of our hands.

Shipping Information

How much is shipping?

Shipping is done via US Priority Mail.

Shipping is calculated based on the total amount of inserts in your package.  The folowing information should be helpful:


Up to 50 inserts ships in a flat rate envelope.

51 to 125 inserts ships in a medium flat rate box

126-200 inserts ships in a large flat rate box. 

Anything 201 and over ships in a combination of the above.

Shipping Times

We send all insert orders via USPS Priority Mail. The Post Office states that this is a 2-3 day average shipping time but will not guarantee delivery within that time frame. Once we process and package your order, it is dropped off at the Post Office and out of our hands. While we understand that slow delivery times can be frustrating, we have no ability to remedy the problem. We are only in control of the execution on our end. For information on how you can follow your order, please visit the next section.

How can I track my order?

Everyone receives an email notification at THE TIME WE PRINT YOUR LABEL This does not mean that your package has shipped! The email is a courtesy notification that will provide you with the unique delivery confirmation number that is associated with your package. You can use this number via hyperlink to automatically track your package from your PC. It is the same information that we will be able to see on our end. We respectfully ask that you use this link to track your package as opposed to sending emails. While we are very happy to receive correspondence and assist you with any problems that arise, we are not privy to any more information than the tracking number will provide. Please utilize that tool as it will answer your questions much quicker than we will be able to respond. Also please note that the shipping information goes to the email account that is account. The shipping notification email has a nasty habit of getting caught up in junk mail and Spam Filters. Make sure you look in all of those places if you feel like you didn't get your information. We cannot resend Delivery Confirmation Numbers multiple times throughout the week. It is an automated process on the front end and a manual process if we have to resend them. Please make sure we are "safe senders" on your email management program. If it has been 5 business days since your order has shipped, we will happily track your package as best we can and resend the number. Otherwise, please be patient. To be clear, if you don’t receive your inserts that were shipped on Sunday, the following Monday is the appropriate time to contact us. While I hate to have you wait that long, there have been many, many times that it has taken that long for a package to arrive. 

It is also important to note that Priority Mail is not "guaranteed" to be delivered in 2-3 days. They state that delivery times are an average of "2-3 Days". Many people are confused by this, including me. I have had complaints from people about "I paid for priority shipping and it is taking too long, I want my money back". My answer is this: We use Priority Mail because it's the cheapest. It would cost double and take much longer for us to ship Parcel Post. The inserts are too heavy to ship First Class, but if they were shipped at First Class rates, they would cost triple. While I understand the frustration, please understand that we are giving you the most cost effective way to receive your inserts with FREE Delivery Confirmation. We have no control over shipping times. All we can control is when labels are printed and when things are packaged and dropped. After that, there is really nothing we can do to control how quickly you receive them.

We respectfully request that you wait 5 BUSINESS DAYS after shipping before contacting us about your order. We will not respond to emails with shipping inquiries any sooner than that. It is unfair for us to have to spend time answering emails after only 2 business days because you are "usually receiving them on Wednesday".