We have been experiencing shipping delays for both incoming and outgoing shipments due to COVID-19. Please understand that this is out of our control. We cannot continuously answer emails about why it's taking so long for your inserts to arrive because we simply can't answer that question. Once we drop them off, they are out of our hands.

Contact Us

Email us at shipping@insertinsanity.com 

or you may call 813-419-3123

Email is definitely the quickest and most efficient method for getting your issues resolved and questions answered.  We realize that some people are more comfortable calling on the phone.  Please note that if you call, we may not be available to answer as we do not keep normal office hours.  The amount of time we are available via phone depends on the volume of orders we receive during the week.  With the volume of questions we get on a daily basis, we are not able to use a voice message system because we would never be able to clear it out.  Email is the quickest way to have an issue handled or question answered.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR ORDER NUMBER WITH ALL CORRESPONDENCE.  This is also the easiest way to get information about an order.  

Please also note that most every shipping question is answered directly How Does it Work?  page of our site.  Please refer to that prior to calling or emailing as it seems like it answers about 80-90% of the questions we receive without you having to wait on us to repond.