We have been experiencing shipping delays for both incoming and outgoing shipments due to COVID-19. Please understand that this is out of our control. We cannot continuously answer emails about why it's taking so long for your inserts to arrive because we simply can't answer that question. Once we drop them off, they are out of our hands.

Insert Insanity Operations Update Post Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma certainly took its toll on us. Our home and business basically took a direct hit. Thankfully, our home is still standing and we only had minor structural damage. However, we are still left without power, cell service or much of a way to communicate with he outside world, so please understand that we really have no way to reach out to everyone other than these mass emails. We will also update social media as frequently as we can. However, right now, with everyone in our area being hit, the cell towers are jammed and we can't even get email to load to our smart phones. I am currently at a bug out shelter that we had set up prior to the hurricane so that I could at least pop on for little bursts.


All early ship orders were dropped off last Thursday afternoon on time. Shortly after that, **all federal offices including the postal service were shut down**.__ We realize that some of you have not received yours orders yet and that some of them look like they have not been scanned in at the post office. Unfrortuately, we do not have any updates as the post office is just now getting up and running today. Our shipping policy under normal conditions is to **allow 5 business days from the stated ship date for your order to arrive (not the date of your order, the date staed in the item description)**.__ We do not foresee any delays longer than that, but we do ask for your patience during this time as your orders are no longer in our hands and we have no ways to get updates. We appreciate your business and the outpouring of prayers and thoughts that we have received from everyone. We do not foresee any shipping delays going forward. We are already up and running.

Here are a couple of minor changes that you need to be aware of so that you can be assured we are operating as effectively as possible, etc.

1) The same day shipping cut-off has been changed to 10am until further notice. We realize that in order to get the most effective shipping times, we may have to drive north 5-6 hours to a post office that was not affected. By cutting off at 10am, this will afford us enough time to do this.

2) Our phone number on the site an invoices is basically useless for the time being. It is a google voice number that goes directly to David's cell phone. Considering we have essentially no cell service, we can't answer it.

3) We will only be able to answer customer service questions and emails between 9am and 10am when we have our limited window of communication access. We are not able to see social media, we are not able to access email or the internet. We will only be able to respond when we are actually at our bug out facility with power and wifi. There are several families sharing it so we are allotted those times.

4) In all sincerity, if your email to us starts out with "I realize you were just in a hurricane but......" Please rethink sending it. We are giving you as much information as we can with a very limited amount of access to communications methods. We have to split that time to keep in touch with our family that is checking on us, etc. I have done my very best to make sure that I cover every angle possible. If i have left a question unanswered, please feel free to ask it. If you are wanting to know about shipping times, etc, please reference the information directly on the site under the link "EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT INSERT INSANITY" at the top of the page. That will give you shipping policies, etc.




*****UPDATE AS OF 9/13/2017 11:36AM*****

For those of you looking for the early ship that was sent last week, it looks like we are supposed to see movement on those packages today.  To everyone else, we are 100% on our normal shipping schedule at this point.  I am sure there may be bottlenecks at the post office, but in terms of us getting them to the post office, we are 100% on schedule. 


Early ship from 9/11, read this:  

According to the post master that I met with yesterday (the first day postal operations were up and running) everything was sent to a central facility where it was held because the individual post offices did not have room. We are supposed to see movement on those orders today. Our shipping policy is to allow 5 business days from the stated ship date for your inserts to arrive under normal conditions. That time frame has not yet expired, not even counting the days the postal service was shut down for the hurricane.

I have looked through every coupon in there and there is nothing at all that expires by the end of this week as they just came out on Sunday. You should have your coupons in plenty of time. Thank you for understanding that we can't help what the post office does under normal circumstances, let alone a week in which we went 3-4 days with service completely suspended.  Your patience and outpouring of support is very much appreciated.