Welcome to the all new Insert Insanity!

What you Need to Know About our Whole Coupon Insert Service

BIGGEST RULE TO REMEMBER:  If you are ordering "in-stock" inserts and pre-orders for inserts that ship at a future date, we will hold the entire order and ship them when everything is in stock UNLESS you place separate orders.  We do not mark up our shipping costs.  They are a pass through expense.  If you place two orders, we are able to collect the correct shipping.  If you place one order, we would have to pay for 2 labels to make 2 shipments but would have only collected shipping for one label.


How does your service work? 

Our service is very easy to understand.  We buy newspapers on your behalf, remove the whole coupon inserts from them and send them to you via USPS Priority Shipping.  It's really that basic.  We send you the coupon inserts that we get from our newspapers.  It is no different than giving your brother-in-law 20 bucks when they are headed to the store and asking him to pick up papers for you.  The difference is, we are in an area with exceptionally good coupon inserts.  


Why should I use your service when I can get my own papers?

Actually, it is 100% up to you whether or not our service makes sense.  The average cost for a Sunday paper across the country is $3.00.  If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where the paper is less per copy, then our service may not be for you.  However, it's not all about the price per paper.  What kind of coupon inserts do you get?  What are the values of your coupons? How many coupons are in the inserts? Do your coupons state Do Not Double on them?  There are many things to consider.  For some, the price per paper is cheaper.  For others, the value of the coupons makes our service more appealing.  For others, the convenience of having us do the work of getting the papers and pulling out the coupons is worth the difference in cost from their local paper.  

Why don't your prices fluctuate?

We truly charge for time and materials. The price will never really fluctuate due to more inserts being in the paper. If we changed our pricing each week, would we be selling a service or selling coupons? Single insert prices will always be a flat price as will sets.  The only number that will change is the last digit.  We change the last digit each week so that we can tell which week the inserts are from in our shipping software.  For example, the first week of the month may end with a 1, the 2nd week a 2, so on and so forth. 


Why is a 2 pack so expensive? 

The one thing to remember when using our service is that the cost of shipping is a pass through expense.  A 2 pack with Priority shipping  is going to seem more expensive than a 10 pack with Priority Shipping.  The reason is simple.  Shipping is a pass through cost.  The fees for our service are the same every week. They will always be approximately $1.80 per set.  By ordering a larger pack, you are spreading the shipping cost across a larger number of papers.  This makes the cost per paper lower. 


Will I get all of the coupons I see in the weekly coupon preview?

We buy papers from a variety of sources and a variety of zip codes.  The preview that we post is a national preview and is a "best guess" of what will be in the Sunday paper.  Because there are variances to the lay-out and coupon values that are in our papers, we do not post a blanket coupon recap.  We do not guarantee specific coupons will be in any of our inserts.  You are simply reimbursing us for buying the paper, taking the inserts out of the paper and shipping them to you.  If you want to be guaranteed a specific coupons, you should use our sister site Wiz Clipz, which is a coupon clipping service.  Please do not use our service to procure whole coupon inserts if you are looking for a specific coupon.  It is always possible that we will not that have coupon in our local papers in some of the zip codes or our area didn't get the coupon at all.  It's not any different than going to the store, buying a paper and getting home and finding that a specific coupon is not in those inserts.  You can't take the paper back to the store because one coupon you thought you should get wasn't in there.  It is virtually impossible for us to go page by page for every insert and guarantee what will be in every package that we ship.  That said, we very rarely have a week where we do not get all of the hottest coupons.  The Smartsource Only, Red Plum Only, Early Ship and Super Early Ship listings contain the actual list of coupons in the listing.  When you purchase these packs, you are purchasing inserts that contain that specific list.  Please note that individual inserts and PRE-ordered "set" inserts mar or may not may not be the same.

I read on another site that there are supposed to be extra inserts in the paper. Will there be an extra charge for those?

The short answer is no. Because we are not guaranteed to get every single insert in our papers, we only advertise what we know for sure will run. If there are, in fact, extra inserts in our papers, we include everything in the paper up to the capacity of the envelope. For example, if we advertise there are only 2 inserts in the paper and you order ten of each, which is a total of 20 individual inserts. That leaves room for another 10 inserts in your envelope. We would fill your envelope with 10 of the extra inserts at no additional cost.  We add the extra inserts at the same amount as your pack size as long as they will fit.  Meaning, you you had only ordered a 6 pack, we will endeavor to give you a 6 pack of the "special" inserts.


I ordered on your website and paid on Monday, when will I receive my inserts?

Many people new to couponing and new to our site do not understand the way the insert service works. Some of the packages on Insert Insanity are a "prepaid pre-order". In other words, if you order a pre-order on Monday, you are ordering the inserts for the following weekend. Many people email throughout the week asking why they haven't received their inserts yet. The answer is quite simple: They haven't been printed yet! We can't ship what doesn't exist. We do pre-orders so that we can accurately project our needs to the paper. By doing prepaid pre-orders, we are able to guarantee certain numbers to our relationships at the papers which allows us to keep our costs down and subsequently our prices. If you order inserts from a prior week, the cut-off for shipping is noon. If you order before noon, they will ship the same day. If you order after noon, they will ship the next day.