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Smartsource Only Autobill Subscription

Smartsource Only Autobill Subscription

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This listing is for a single copy of the Smartsource Coupon Insert from the Sunday paper each week.  For each unit that you put into your cart on sign-up, you will receive 1 copy of each SS in the paper that week.  Meaning, on weeks with only 1 SS, you will get that insert.  If there are weeks with 2 SS, you will get one of each of the 2 SS for each unit added to your cart.  Please note that you may order as many of these as you like by simply changing the quantity when adding them to your cart. These inserts will typically ship on the Sunday they are in the paper. 


Please note that  you are signing up for a subscription service you are signing up for a 4 week subscription that will begin with the shipment of the current week's product and will continue with the specified number of sets going forward on a weekly basis, starting with the inserts from the following calendar week.  After the 4 weeks, the subscription will go week to week.  You may cancel inside of your account on the site after 4 deliveries.  If you are subscribing under and "early ship" product, your subscription will be for early ship inserts each week.  If you are signing up for single copy or "Red Plum Only", your subscription will be for single copy inserts or only the Red Plum inserts each week, etc.  

You have the ability to amend or suspend your subscription inside of your account dashboard.  Cancellations are permitted after 4 deliveries.