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July 5 PG with Tide and Gain Single Copy

July 5 PG with Tide and Gain Single Copy

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This listing is for a single copy of PG with Tide from 7/5.   Please note that buying a single PG that contains the Tide  and Gain coupons and more.

PG 7/5

Align $2/1 Probiotic Supplement product (Ets) (7/18)

Always $4/2  Radiant, Infinity, PURE, Pure Cotton, Ultra or Maxi Pads 10ct or higher (excludes always liners and always discreet) (7/25)

Cascade $1/1 ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent Tub 30ct or larger (ets) (7/18)

Cascade $1/1  Rinse Aid (ets) (7/25)

Cascade $.50/1 Dishwasher  Detergent or Dishwasher Cleaner (Ets) (7/18)

Crest $1/1  Toothpaste or liquid gel 3oz or more (excludes 4.6oz crest cavity, baking soda, tartar control/protection, kids and trial/travel) (7/18)

Crest $1/1  or Oral B Mouthwash 473ML (16oz) or larger (ets) (7/18)

Crest $5/1 3D white whitestrips kit (Excludes noticeably white, classic white, or original whitening kit, gentle whitening kit, express whitening kit and trial/travel) (7/18)

Dawn $.50/1  liquid spray or foam product 10.1 oz or larger (excludes simply clean and trial/travel) (7/18)

Downy $2/1  liquid fabric conditioner 48-60ld (includes downy odor protect 32oz or downy wrinkleguard 25oz or downy nature blends 44oz) OR Bounce/Downy Sheets 70-120ct (includes bounce/downy wringkleguard 40-60ct or bounce pet hair & lint guard 40-60ct) or in wash scent b oosters 5.7oz (includes downy unstopables, fresh protect, odor protect, infusions and Dreft blisfuls) (or Bounce Rapid toucbh up 3-in-1 spray 9.7oz or downy wrinkle releaser spray 9.7oz (ets) (7/25)

Downy $3/1  liquid fabric conditioner 72ld or larger (includes downy odor protect 48 oz or larger or downy wrinkleguard 25oz or larger or downy natural blends 67oz or larger) or Bounce/Downy Sheets 130ct or larger (includes Bounce/Downy wrinkleguard 80ct or larger or bounce pet hair &lint guard 80ct) or in-wash scent boosters 8.6oz or larger (includes downy unstopables, fresh protect, odor protect, infusions and Dreft blissfuls or downy defy damage beads (Ets) (7/25)

Dreft $3/1 Newborn laundry detergent 50 oz or larger or Dreft active baby laundry detergent 50oz or larger or dreft Pure Gentleness laundry detergent  75oz(ets) (7/25)

Dreft $2/1 laundry detergent 40oz or dreft active baby laundry detergent 40oz or Dreft Pure Gentleness laundry detergent 40oz (ets) (7/25)

Febreeze: Buy One Febreeze or Febreeze Light Product and get one Febreeze Light Product FREE (up to $3.00) (excludes Febreeze Air, Air Effects and trial/travel) (7/25)

Fixodent $2.50/1 Adhesive Twin or Triple Pack 1.4oz or larger (ets) (7/18)

Gain $.50/1 dishwashing liquid 21.6oz or larger (ets) (7/18)

Gain $3/1 Flings 37ct or larger or Gain ultra flings 21ct or larger (ets) (8/8)

Gain $2/1 Liquid detergent 25ld or larger or gain essential oils laundry detergent 16oz or larger or gain flings laundry detergent 12-35ct or gain ultra flings laundry detergent 18ct or gain liquid fabric softener 48ld or larger or gain fireworks in-wash scent b oosters 5.7oz or larger or gain sheets 105ct or larger or gain powder laundry detergent (ets) (8/8)

Gillette $5/1  Disposables or Venus or Daisy Disposable 6ct or larger (excludes treo, Gillette black, permasharp and trial/travel) (7/25)

Gillette $3/1  Disposable or venus or daisy disposable 2ct or larger (excludes treo, Gillette black, daisy 2ct, hybrids and trial/travel) (7/25)

Gillette $2/2  Antiperspirant/ Deodorant 2.6oz or larger (excludes Clinical) (7/18)

Head & Shoulders $3/2 Products (ets and mens styling) (7/18)

Head & Shoulders $2/1 Men’s Styling product (ets) (7/18)

Herbal Essences $4/2 bio:renew shampoo, conditioner or styling products (excludes masks, 100ml shampoo and conditioners, color, body wash and trial/travel) (7/18)

Luvs $1.50/1 diapers (ets) (7/18)

Metamucil $1/1 Fiber Supplement product (ets) (7/18)

Mr. Clean $1/2 Products (ets) (7/18)

Mr. Clean $.50/1 pair of reusable gloves (excluding liquids) (7/18)

Olay $3/1 Facial Moisturizer (excludes complete, active hydrating and trial/travel) (7/25)

Olay $1.50/1 Bar 4ct or larger, body wash, rinse off body conditioner or hand and body lotion (ets) (7/18)

Olay $3/1 Serums (ets) (7/25)

Olay $2/1 Eyes Product (ets) (7/25)

Olay $1/1  Facial Cleanser (ets) (7/25)

Old Spice $2/1 Dry Spray or Body Spray (Ets) (7/18)

Old Spice $1/2  Anti-Perspirant/deodorant, body wash or bar soap (excludes high endurance and trial/travel) (7/25)

Pampers $3/1 box of diapers OR Easy Ups Training Underwear (Ets) (7/18)

Pampers $.50/2 Wipes 56ct or higher (ets) (7/18)

Pampers $2/1 Easy Ups Training Underwear or Splashers Swim Diapers (ets) (7/18)

Pantene $5/3  products including gold series collection ( excludes intense rescue shots, nutrients blends collection, non wash collection, pro-v ingredients and one step nourishing mask and trial/travel) (7/18)

Pantene $5/2 Nutrient Blends, Pantene Non-Wash Dry Products, Pantene Pro-V Ingredients or 3ct Pantene Intense Rescue Shots (excludes single count intense rescue shot and (7/18)

Pantene $1/1 products including gold series collection ( excludes intense rescue shots, nutrient blends collection, non-wash day collection, one step nourishing mask and trial/travel) ( (7/18)

Pepto Bismol $.50/1 product (ets) (7/18)

Prilosec $2/1 OTC product (7/18)

Safeguard $2/2  Liquid Hand Soap or 8 ct bar or higher (7/25)

Secret $2/2 Outlast or Fresh Antiperspirant/deodorant 2.6oz or larger (7/18)

Secret $2/1  Dry Spray Antiperspirant or Aluminum Free Deodorant 2.4oz or larger (7/18)

Secret $2/1 Clinical , Secret Essential Oils OR Gillette Clinical Antiperspirant/ Deodorant 1.6oz or larger (7/18)

Stressballs $2/1 product (ets) (7/18)

Swiifer $2/1  Product (excludes 1ct, 2ct dusters, wetjet pads, sweeper wet refills and trial/travel) (7/18)

Tampax $4/2 or Pearl, Pocket Pearl, Radiant, Pocket Radiant or Pure Tampons 14ct or higher (7/25)

Tide $3/1  PODS laundry detergent 23 ct or larger or Tide Power Pods 21ct or larger (excludes Tide liquid/powder laundry detergent, tide simply, tide simply pods and trial/travel) (7/25)

Tide $2/1 PODS laundry detergent 20ct or smaller (excludes Tide liquid, powder laundry detergent, tide powder pods, tide simply, tide simply pods, tide pods 9ct and below and trial/travel) (7/25)

Tide $2/1 Simply Laundry Detergent or tide simply pods laundry detergent 13 ct or larger or downy liquid fabric conditioner 40ld or bounce/downy sheets 40-60ct or downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters 4.3oz (excludes downy libre enjuague, bounce/downy wrinkleguard, bounce pet hair & lint guard, gain fireworkds, tide detergent, tide pods and trial/travel) (7/25)

Tide $3/1 Laundry Detergent 69 oz or larger or Tide Heavy duty laundry detergent 69 oz or larger or studio by tide 75oz or tide purclean laundry detergent 46oz or larger (excludes studio by tide laundry detergent, tide pods, tide rescue, tide simply laundry detergent, tide simply pods, tide detergent 10oz and trial/travel) (7/25)

Tide $2/1 laundry detergent 46oz or smaller or studio by tide laundry detergent 40oz or Tide purclean laundry detergent 34oz or smaller or Tide Antibacterial spray or tide to go instant stain remover wipes 10ct or tide to go  instant stain remover pen 3ct (excludes Tide PODS, tide rescue, tide simply, tide simply pods, tide detergent 10oz, tide heavy duty laundry detergent 69oz and trial/travel) (7/25)

Venus $4/1 Razor (excludes disposables) (7/25)

Waterl<ss $4/2 products (ets) (7/18)

ZzzQuil $.50/1  or Pure Zzzs product (Ets) (7/18)

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