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Santa's Baby Coupon Stockpile Pack INCLUDING 12/10 Super Early Ship!

Santa's Baby Coupon Stockpile Pack INCLUDING 12/10 Super Early Ship!

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This listing is for a Santa's Baby Coupon Stockpile Pack with FREE SHIPPING!  If you have fallen behind in your couponing, this is a great way to get caught up heading into the Holidays!

This pack will ship on Tuesday 12/5. 

Please note that you are buying a  marked down package that contains whole coupons inserts from past weeks.  There WILL be expired coupons in some of these past week inserts due to their age.  If you want a general idea of expiration dates, we always recommend you scan the coupon insert previews for those weeks prior to ordering.  However, the overwhelming majority of these inserts are from the month of October.  We also advise that these coupons are a mixture of our left over inventory from all of our different packs.  Please DO NOT order this pack if you are looking for one specific coupons.  You are better served using for your individual coupon needs.

Specifically this pack will include: 



11/5:  SS:  4  RP:  4

11/12:  SS:  4  RP:  4 

11/19:  SS:  4  RP:  4

11/26:  PG with TIDE:  4

12/3:  SS:  4  RP:  4

12/10:  SS:  4  RP:  4

That is a total of 44 whole coupon inserts!